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• Founded in 1619
• It is location London, United Kingdom
• Program Elementary School, GCSE, A-Level
• Number of students 1170 students (585 boys, 585 girls)
• Cost Up to £ 17, 397 per year
• School Day School 4-18 years
• Type of School Co-day school
• Age 4-18 years

The school has entered the 21st century with a modern theater with 35 seats, which would be envied by Shakespeare. It is not surprising, because the founder of the school Edward Allen was the most famous actor of Elizabethan theater. Students of Alleyn’s School would lead its founder to an unprecedented enthusiasm: they put the play and act in musicals, plays in the London School Symphony Orchestra and sang in the choir. In this atmosphere, the school’s dream to be an actor has come true for graduates of Alleyn’s School Jude Law, Sam West and Julian Glover.

Training program
Students recognize and appreciate the quality of the education they receive at Alleyn’s School and rightly proud of their school. (ISI Report 2008)
The ratio of students and school personnel is 10: 1. Particular attention is given to the graduating class. In elementary school, classes consist of pupils 25/27, for art direction – 16/17, music – 13/14. GCSE program class consists of 20 students, and on the A-Level – 10.

High school
Most students continue their education in high school, the program also joined about 20 new students from other schools. High school classes consist of only 10 students, which practically guarantees individual attention of teachers and facilitators to the academic success of each student.

Alleyn’s School graduates say that they managed to get the hang of independent work without help custom essay writing service and time management that is required for teaching at the university. 95% of school graduates continued their studies at universities, about 10% annually comes to Oxford University and Cambridge University.

All the students of the graduating class in the afternoon go for sports, attend one of the extracurricular activities on Fridays, take an active part in debates or meetings with a variety of speakers. A special program is good for students who plan to enroll in Oxford or Cambridge.
High School helps to develop responsibility, self-discipline and management skills. Regular reports on the performance, complemented by the possibility of personal “exam” to track progress in training.

About the Author: Kerol Dret is a freelancer. She is from the USA. She is interested in Arts.