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As for the name of Idealessay.co.uk, it implies that the papers provided by the services could  be perfect. In fact, they do keep up with it. Focused mainly on British students, the service is also very versatile and ready to offer help to people from Australia, New Zealand, America and so on.

Quality and prices

The company promises ideal papers, and they do keep up with high expectations. Every paper is an example of creativity and compliance with standards, as well as your personal recommendations. After the core of the paper is ready, it is thoroughly edited and proofread by several specialists.They make sure no typos or more serious mistakes sneaked in. You are to review the paper as well, of course.

If you want to be a part of the process, you are welcome to participate via a specially designed message board. Evaluate drafts, leave comments and chat with your writer there. If, on the contrary, you prefer to stay away, all you’ll have to do is look through the paper after it is fulfilled and make sure there is nothing you would like to change before submission. In case, there is, order a free revision and get done with it.

Naturally enough, the prices for high quality are quite high as well. Do not expect to get a paper for a pound. The prices start from 10. Still, in terms of price-to-quality ratio this offer is worth your attention. And there are discounts as well: 5% for over 15 pages, 10% and 15% for over 40 and 100 pages respectively. Thus, in most cases the customer is OK with the price he pays.

Professionalism of writers

The service puts its stakes on communication skills of writers. It goes as far as hiring Bachelor’s holders, yet only those who are extremely talented and nice to work with. This way the customers still get high quality papers and at the same time enjoy the process.

Every writer is assigned in line with his or her field of expertise and relevant experience. As a rule, you get a specialist that has dealt with similar assignments before. If you want the process to run under your control though, don’t worry. The writer will take into account all your instructions.

Services and urgency

The range of services provided is satisfying. So, most likely you will find a writer for your assignment, even if it is a rare subject and a challenging topic. And as for urgency, the record is 2 hours. Who knows maybe they will be able to write your assignment even faster. Try and see yourself.

To sum it up, our evaluation is positive. We recommend you use this service.