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Apple Watch works smoothly, but sometimes it can “think”. If you start to go out and to come out of the firmware, you will notice a slowness download and watch response: sometimes it is beginning to respond to commands only a second or two after you close the application. On the other hand, it does not immediately recognize the “tap” on the screen, if before it was dug in the menu.

Owning a small model, watches, we absolutely refuse to believe that it placed the battery, return the motor, a microphone, a good display, multiple sensors, a speaker, and the rest iron. Apple engineers knowingly eat their own bread. However, it cannot break the laws of physics and turn the level of progress.

It is clear that Apple has reduced the capacity of the processor in their hours, to improve battery life and reduce heat dissipation. Inside is “stone”, is technically similar to its counterpart of the iPhone 4S and iPad Mini – devices, published three years ago, already largely outdated. Therefore, we cannot talk about some incredible performance of the chip in the Apple smart watch, there is nowhere to take it. At the same time, the Operating hours is clearly not as demanding as in the iPhone.

The situation is complicated. As long as I have the impression that fix most of the “lag” can correct optimization software, that is the development and release of new firmware. As the heir to iOS 8 operating system Watch OS carries for an eight-code luggage, and the company’s high time to do the cleaning. In favor of the performance improvements in future versions Watch OS has fresh rumors.

Take any Android Wear – and a few days later you will repeatedly notice “lag” and overall thoughtfulness as a system and interface. Probably the most responsive in this regard was good old the Pebble, but we cannot call it “smart clock” by today’s standards anymore.

Anyway, thoughtfulness of Apple Watch is tolerant and more noticeable than the other way around. Again, if you are not a columnist, fanaticism poking into everything, you will not have problems with their performance.

About the Author: Mandy Craft is a student, and writer at research paper writing services. She studies in the USA, but her hometown is Lille. She is interested in writing and editing. So, she works as an assistant of journalist the local publishing firm.